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Caledonian Sleeper - Lowland Route
Edinburgh - London

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- Caledonian Sleeper -

Lowland Route

This train doesn't operate on Saturday nights.
Sunday timetable is different from Workdays.


23:40 | Edinburgh Waverley (Workdays)

07:07 | London Euston

23:21 | Edinburgh Waverley (Sunday)

07:46 | London Euston (Monday)

23:50 | London Euston (Workdays)

07:21 | Edinburgh Waverley

21:39 | London Euston (Sunday)

05:39 | Edinburgh Waverley (Monday)

Boarding at Edinburgh Waverley starts at 23:00 (22:30 on Sundays)
On arrival at London Euston passengers can stay on board until 07:30 (08:00 on Mondays)

Boarding at London Euston starts at 22:00 (21:05 on Sundays)
On arrival at Edinburgh Waverley passengers can stay on board until 08:00


1 bed cabin First Class | washbasin
2 bed cabin Standard Class | washbasin
Lounge car with Restaurant

Showers are available at Edinburgh Waverley and London Euston.
Showers are complimentary for First Class passengers and towels and shower packs are provided. Standard Class and Seated Guests can purchase shower tokens from our On Board Hosts for £5 per token.

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Royal Scotsman

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